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What are white and pink nails?
Pink & white nails, also known as French tips, are a look consisting of white tips on a pink nail base. They are typically achieved by adding a plastic tip or sculpting one to the nail and covering it in acrylic powder and/or gel.

Why do pink and white nails cost more?
Why are pink-and-white nails more expensive? The reason: Pink-and-whites take more skill, and they require more work and additional product. Highlight the selling point: “We charge more for pink-and-white nails because they require both a higher level of skill and more time.

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What is the difference between French manicure and pink and white?
It consists of artificial nails emulating the French style through both pink and white colors of gel builder or acrylic. The main difference between both is that while the French Manicure is a style of nail polish application, the Pink & White is an artificial nail technique.

Can you fill pink and white nails?
Some techs like to drag the pink acrylic over the entire nail, lightly covering the white acrylic. While the pink-and-white backfill is more work than a regular fill, the extra time it takes to prep the nail pays off at the end of the service.

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How often should you get pink and white nails filled?
Fills are needed to maintain pink and whites at least every other week, depending on how fast the nails grow. Acrylic powder is brushed onto the area of new growth, 'filling' the space between the nail bed and the original acrylic, producing a smooth appearance.

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